5 reasons why to enter my Sweepstakes

by | Dec 16, 2017 | Daily conversations, Let's laugh!, misty mac bookstore, Sweepstakes | 1 comment

Enter my SUPERDUPER SWEEPSTAKES! Here are 5 reasons why to enter brought to you by my 5 trusty organs (literary license):

1. MISTY’S BRAIN: For the intellectual stimulation: you get to write a story with Misty. Besides, the brain is the sexiest organ.

2. MISTY’S BODY: For the physical stimulation: you get photos, and they will knock you flat!! Besides, the body is the sexiest organ.

3. MISTY’S LEFT FOOT: Just for the fun of it! The SUPERDUPER SWEEPSTAKES will get your toes tapping. Besides, Hermes’s feet are the sexiest organs.

4. MISTY’S RIGHT FOOT: I’m against it. It’s gambling. Besides, an organ only sounds good in church.

5. MISTY’S HAIR: For the extra physical stimulation: I have lots of body. Add me to the photos of MISTY’S BODY and you’ll be knocked flat for days. Besides, no organ sounds good in church unless it’s a church organ.

What more reasons do you need?

See you,