A witch’s dalliance and a djinn’s fire in one story

by | Sep 20, 2017 | misty mac bookstore, New Release

It’s a new release day at my bookstore, and that’s always a special day. Yay! But today is a different special day because the erotica story I’m releasing isn’t just erotica, it’s urban fantasy erotica.

Two or three years ago I decided to submit my writing to some online publishers and I started to write stories tailored specifically to what they wanted. I wrote an urban fantasy novella about fallen angels and demons, and I made up this whole new dimension called HALF-LIGHT. And that’s how I came up with the HALF-LIGHT series. The series has two heroes, Cord (unfortunate name, but I was trying to appeal to the romance-loving readership), who’s the reincarnation of a fallen angel, and Raja who’s half angel, half human.

How did I decide to pick up the series after all these time? It wasn’t intentional. I found a note in my notebook (I actually don’t remember what book I was reading that made me make this note:

“Sign of the Moon—The Half-light has no sharp contrast of color, only of light and dark.”

I saw the note and wrote this:

“Tai looked out across the silver sea of knee-high grass. The only break in the endless view was a single squat hovel sitting atop of a small hillock, like an island in deceptively calm waters.”

I liked it—a fantasy setting always has a great appeal to me. For some reason it made me think of the Half-Light plane, and then I decided to go on and write the story in the HALF-LIGHT arc. Everything came easily after that, so I guess, if this is popular, I will continue the Half-Light series.

 Here’s the blurb:

Tai, the Witch, is trapped in the Half-Light, living an eternal half-life without feelings or sensations. She hungers to be in the world of the living. How far is she willing to go to feel a touch and taste a kiss again?

How long could a being endure the lack of feeling and remain alive? she wondered. Better the quick ending that came with the cold hand of death than this torturous lack of living.

“Better a half-life than no life,” Ilyas whispered in her ear.

The djinn was reading her, not her thoughts—thank the mother there were still some secrets Tai could keep from him—but her emotions were an open book.

“You’re not lost, Tai,” the djinn said.

And the warm touch of his words on her neck made her shudder.

Ilyas, the mightiest of the djinn, was hardly more than pixie light now. Or a warm breath. But a breath was enough to make her remember what it was like to feel. The warmth touched her like the ghost of a kiss. In the Half-Light memories hurt, and the pain that throbbed in Tai’s stomach bent her over. The sudden intense feeling of loss shook her, and she fell to one knee.

HALF-LIGHT, WITCH’S KISS is a story in the Half-Light series.

Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:
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