by | May 8, 2017 | misty mac bookstore, MistyMac Book Trailer

Am I a moviemaker or blooper taker?

As I was making my Patreon video I realized I like making videos. The process is totally different and a lot more fun for me than taking photos because instead of thinking sexy I get to think funny. Or rather the things I think about I think are funny, which is different. In other words I laugh a lot at my own ideas (which probably is not the brightest thing to say).

So I’ve decided I will make videos for my stories. If you don’t want to read them, but you still want to get an idea of what they’re about, or if you want to know what they’re about but don’t want to read the boring blurbs, you can watch the video and it will give you a rough idea. How rough it remains to be seen, but I imagine it will be rougher sometimes than other times.

My first book trailer to be entered in my own records – MistyMac Book Trailers – is for “Amour In The Afternoon”.

There’s not much to say about the making of the video that the video doesn’t already say for itself. There are a few things that deserve crediting. The music score is “Monuments” by Max Surla (YouTube Audio Media Library) – this one fits great (thumbs up, Max Surla!). The other sounds involved are mine. The projector noise is my little Keystone Electric Eye movie camera, and the MMMM’s and giggles are all mmmmmme.

Personally I like the blooper reel that I’ve included after the credits more than the main feature, but that’s just me.

Take a look at my book trailer and tell me what you think.

See you,