Fortunatus, Fortunata, which are you?

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ME: Fortunatus was a hero in medieval legend who possessed an inexhaustible purse, a wishing cap, etc. Come on, “Dictionary of Phrase and Fable”, what do you mean “etc.”?
MISTY’S BODY: What’s an inexhaustible purse? Is that something I can take out around town?
ME: Not if you want to be killed for it. It’s full of money.
MISTY’S HAIR: What’s a wishing cap? Is that something that interferes with the hair?
ME: To some degree.
MISTY’S BRAIN: If you go on Wikipedia you’ll see that Fortunatus wasn’t a hero but a thief and a fool.
ME: You go on Wikipedia? With all the books we have lying around?
MISTY’S BRAIN: Anyway. He was walking in a forest, as was the habit in the 15th century, and goddess Fortune gave him a purse.
MISTY’S BODY: Sounds like something kinky was going on there.
MISTY’S BRAIN: Anyway. He became rich, could do everything he wanted. And what does he do? He steals the sultan’s wishing cap.
MISTY’S HAIR: This guy clearly had a thing for fashionable accessories.
MISTY’S BRAIN: A great example of fortune favors fools.
ME: Or maybe he wasn’t a fool at all. After all, he did get Fortune to favor him.
MISTY’S BODY: Fortune is blind.
MISTY’S BRAIN: That’s Justice.
MISTY’S HAIR: And Kind Lear.
ME: So what did the Dictionary of Phrase and Fable mean by “etc.”? There was no etc. No cloak of invisibility, or ring of power, etc.
MISTY’S BRAIN: That’s a great example of “etc.”

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