Free Story of the Week!

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I was thinking of ways to get people to read my stories and an idea popped into my head: what if I make the stories free?

“Great idea, me,” Writer Misty said, her voice bubbling with a heaping spoonful of excitement.

“But if you offer the stories for free, then what’s the point of your bookstore, eh?” Materialistic Misty blurted. “I need to buy a cute little dress and I need cabbage for that.” (When Materialistic Misty speaks, she puts her hands on her hips and she nods a lot.) “And cabbage doesn’t grow on trees, you know,” she added.

Cabbage is a leafy biennial plant that grows close to the ground, not on trees, Writer Misty thought, but she didn’t say anything. It’s better not to cross Materialistic Misty when she’s ranting.

“The point is that a free story will get people to read, and if they read the free stories, they’ll want to read more,” Writer Misty said.

“Hmm,” Materialistic Misty said pensively, and then she nodded.

“A free story,” Retail Misty piped in. “The keyword being A. Offering one story for free would achieve the desired result of giving a sample that should lure in readers.”

Materialistic Misty and Writer Misty both nodded.

“And the free story should change,” Retail Misty said. “Weekly, I think.”

And that is how the Free Story of the Week was born!

And the first free story of the week, chosen at random because Marketing Misty was too worn out from Christmas to speak up, is:


Now run to to try your free story!

See you,


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