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The free story this week is ‘An Intimate Encounter of the Fifth Kind‘!

This is a sexy story with an extra-terrestrial – I want to believe! – and a very, very close encounter.

OK, let me drop some info. Encounters with aliens were first defined as three types in The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry by J. Allen Hynek. The first type is seeing a spaceship. The second type is seeing the spaceship plus some other effect, i.e. losing time, or finding a crop circle, or suddenly having a strange desire to only listen to Carla Bruni songs. The third type is seeing the spaceship and seeing the alien flying it – alien voyeurism. 

There is a fourth kind of encounter. It’s that movie with Milla Jovovich, not ‘The Fith Element’ where she actually is an alien.


Then there’s  ‘An Intimate Encounter of the Fifth Kind‘. What is an encounter of the fifth kind, you ask? Well, forget the spaceship and the crop circles and think tentacles, lots of slick, glowing tentacles of love.

An Intimate Encounter of the Fifth Kind‘ is make-up sex with an alien, and encounters don’t get more intimate than that.

So, if you like aliens, tentacles, sexy women, erotic encounters, or dockers, try ‘An Intimate Encounter of the Fifth Kind‘ at  for free this week!

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