Game Day Replay Re-Release

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OK, my dear readers, it’s time for another release at MistyMacBooks! Today it’s Game Day Replay, a naughty wife adventure.

This story was previously only available on Amazon, but now it’s available in a special edition directly from my bookstore (with pictures, oh my!) as well as from other major retailers.

Now this is where I tell you about the book, and I’m going to, but first I’m going to take a walk down memory lane to remember the initial release. The post was initially published on May 18th, 2016 (it’s a hopeful move to mention the year, as if it might be necessary at some point). Those were the halcyon days of my blogging youth when I would write things like these:

At least there’s no reaction until she encounters tall, dark, and delectable Hue. After Kat and Hue get together, you can imagine what happens. If you can’t, I’ll tell you: it’s explicit, ball-burning, boob-bouncing, ‘oh yes, yes, yes’-screaming sex.


To me, that last photo seems to have a certain quality that screams: ‘Choose me’. It has a hint of action, what with the looking back and the kneeling, and there’s something of a mystery to it. Why is she looking back? What’s there? Who’s coming?

In this kind of stories, it’s most likely going to be someone with a large penis who’s coming, and likely many times.

Oh, and this was the time when I went on Google and listened to the dictionary pronunciation of ‘bosom’ over and over again. What does that say about me? Before you judge. check it out yourself:

OK, so now here’s the blurb:

It’s game day, and Phil and his boys are only interested in the game they’re watching on the big screen. But Kat, Phil’s wife, wants a different kind of ‘balling’, and when she struts past the sausage fest, she’s certain she’ll get some kind of reaction, but she gets bupkis.

Later, she gets a message: “I want you.” The message makes her hot, but Kat isn’t interested in a keyboard Don Juan.

And then Hue comes along.

Hue is Phil’s old friend. He’s tall, dark, and delectable, and he’s none other than Kat’s keyboard Don Juan. But Hue wants to get his hands on more than a keyboard. He wants to get down and dirty with Kat, and Kat’s so horny that ‘no’ is not in her vocabulary.

WARNING: ‘GAME DAY REPLAY’ is intended for a mature audience who is more interested in naughty wives fu&king their husband’s best friends than football, and in no way should be taken as a guide on how to spice up your weekend football watching, even though some hot and sweaty friend fu@king is an outstanding way to make a boring game go by faster.

And here’s the cover. I didn’t change this cover because I like it!


And here’s where you can get the ebook.


And remember, when you buy a story from MistyMacBooks, you’ll get a special gift from Katie and Laura’s Fancy Satin Panty Store.


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