Get ready for angels and demons! Urban fantasy release!

by | Sep 22, 2017 | misty mac bookstore, New Release

Finally a general fiction release at my bookstore!! A story that I’ve been waiting to release for more than a year. “HALF-LIGHT, ANGEL WINGS” is out!! Yay!

Why did I wait a year to release a story that was finished and ready to read? Well, because I wanted to make a good cover for it. I had a concept. I made these big wings out of paper mache that actually turned out bigger than I intended. I made a crow mask to go with the wings. The concept was to cover my hands and feet or the whole body in some kind of black paint or soot, but in the end I didn’t do any of it because I need a really big photo studio and maybe a great photographer to take the photos I want. Not to mention, there would have to be someone to apply the black paint on me because if it were for me I would never do it. It takes patience, time, and unfortunately I don’t have any of it. If I continue the Half-Light series, I will definitely try to take the photos I envision. In the meantime I’ve decided to release the story even if the cover I made isn’t to my complete satisfaction because this story has been waiting long enough to make an entrance.

What you need to know about “HALF-LIGHT, ANGEL WINGS”:

This story basically launches the general fiction section at my bookstore, however it isn’t emblematic of my general fiction writing, not entirely, at least. I originally wrote this story to submit to a paranormal romance online publishing place, so I conceived it to match their criteria. However romance isn’t one of my favorite genres and romance isn’t an aspect I particularly like to develop in a story, so I shouldn’t even have tried it. When I was reading the story yesterday and giving it the final touches, I realized that the girl in the story, despite her immense power, she is very weak. She can’t reach her full potential until she finds love, which is very romancy and syrupy. That doesn’t mean I don’t like my female characters to fall in love, quite the contrary, but they are strong independent of the man or woman in their lives. Romance will never be the main motivator in my future stories.

I had to rewrite the original blurb because it reads like a romance novel, and this story is more urban fantasy than romance. Here’s the original blurb:

Cord Ferguson Lynch was once mortal, but that was before he was damned. Now, he’s the Scion of Wrath and he wields the power of the Rook Lord, one of the seven Watchers, to fight for the only thing he has left: vengeance.

That’s until he meets a beautiful angel, Raja.

Raja is used as a weapon by a mysterious sect waging an eternal war against the Watchers. The sect is ruthless, but Raja is an innocent. She knows nothing of the world or of the pleasures it can hold, until she meets Cord.

And when Cord and Raja find each other, all hell freezes over, and nothing but their passion will make it melt.

Here’s the rewritten blurb:

Cord Ferguson Lynch was once mortal. Then he was murdered. Now he’s damned. Brought back for vengeance, he hunts the Fallen—angels and daemons that prey on the living world. But when he finally hunts down a lead that will take him to the monsters that killed him and his family, he finds a different kind of angel altogether.

Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:
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