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Vacation time is over, and I’ve just released a story to get you in that back-to-work mood. “THE INTERVIEW” is out and ready to get you prepped for that can-do attitude and those long and boring office hours. Or if you’re in line for a job interview, you can find some helpful tips on how to behave in a strained situation, however I must warn you that this story isn’t a reliable guide on how to conduct yourself during a job interview.

The idea for this story came from one of my loyal readers. (Hey, R, always grateful for your suggestions!) The suggested setting was the HR of some company, and the idea was that the Human Resources manager got a little bold during the interview with the job applicant. Well, that struck me a bit like sexual harassment, and we can’t really have that in the work place. That’s why I had to finagle things a bit and make it enjoyable for everyone.

 Here’s the blurb:

“The Interview” is a Satin Delight story.

Bruce is about to have the most important job interview of his life, and he’s primed. At least until he steps off the subway. On the empty platform, he catches a quick glimpse of long legs and high heels. The glimpse becomes a prolonged peek at a beautiful bottom in snow white satin panties.

And that’s when his morning goes off the rails. The unexpected panty peek produces an erection the likes of which he has never known, and it comes at the most inopportune moment possible.

How can Bruce wow his interview with a pop tent in his pants?

Her butt was round and captured by shimmering white satin. He could see the wrinkles in the satin as the fabric stretched across her glorious bottom. She stepped up to the next step, and her weight shifted sending a delightful ripple through her juicy ass.
He took another step closer, so his face was level with her beautiful bottom. She shifted her feet farther apart and reached back, slowly sliding her fingers up the back of her thigh. Her fingers moved up, pushing up the short skirt and showing off a flash of silvery white satin. Bruce watched, transfixed, as she hooked a finger in the seam of her satin panties and pulled them up, out, and then down. The satin stretched, pulled taut across her butt, and he thought he actually heard the fabric rubbing across her smooth skin.
The adjustment only took a second, but it was almost long enough to make him cum in his pants.

Warning: “The Interview” is intended for a mature audience. It is not intended as a how-to-guide for interviewers or interviewees.

Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:
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