Go on and stare at “The Woman in the Window”!

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It’s a perfect summer day for a book launch, hurray! Today I’m pleased to announce that “The Woman in the Window” is out, so I should warn you. It’s hot out there, people feel like peeling off their clothing and opening their windows, and after reading this story you’ll be very tempted to stare into windows.

The idea for “The Woman in the Window” came from one of my readers (thanks, Ken!). He suggested a basic scenario: a woman finds footprints outside her bedroom window – someone was peeking. Originally, Ken’s idea took me in a different direction than where I finally ended up. Initially I was toying with the idea that when the woman finds the footprints, she gets not exactly angry but close and decides to find out who it was, lure him into a trap, and even the score. “Evening the score” was the idea that dominated the storyline at first.

But then as I started writing, I found I was going in a different direction. This kind of thing happens. Another idea appealed to me much more. What if, when she finds the footprints, the idea of being watched inflames her and fills her with desire? Not lust, mind you, not something so raw, but the desire to be seen and to feel sexy. How would she react then? Well, when you start thinking desire and not lust, you end up with something more sensual and romantic in flavor, and that is what “The Woman in the Window” is.

I hope you love how it turned out, and when you read it, think about what you’d do if you found footprints outside your window. Would you call the police – ha, ha – or would you leave a sliver of space in the curtains to improve the view?

Drop me a note and tell me what you would do if you found yourself in the same situation as “The Woman in the Window.”

Here’s the blurb:


The Woman in the Window” is a casual encounter story and a voyeur’s dream.

Thomas McCann chases Max, his Scottie, into a yard and up to a dark house. When he finally catches Max, he also catches an illicit look at ‘the Woman in the Window”. 


Thomas watched her slide up onto the bed, then he could only see her knee, the movement of a hip, and the hint of motion as her hand slid back and forth between her legs. Seeing her had been torture, but half seeing her was even worse. He craned his neck to see more. She lifted one leg in the air. Her hip came up, and he saw her fingers plunging between her legs, in and out.


 She arched her back, sliding her fingers in and out of her wetness. Her breath came out in short bursts as the sensations intensified.

Suddenly, she rolled over on her stomach. She pushed her knees into the bed and thrust her round bum into the air as she rubbed her finger around her swollen, sensitive nub. Her other hand tangled in the sheets, and her moans were lost in the mattress.

 Warning: In “The Woman in the Window” Thomas McCann peeps into a beautiful woman’s window and he isn’t arrested, but this is a work of fiction and in no way advocates peeping into bedroom windows. If that’s what you feel like doing, then buy a telescope and peep through the curtains. That’s what I do.


Here’s the cover and where you can buy the story:


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