Ho, ho, ho and a sleigh ride with Santa and a new story

by | Dec 20, 2017 | misty mac bookstore, New Release

Tis the season for Christmas cheer, which means it’s time for a holiday story. Yay! So you’d better watch out, and you’d better not hide because it’s time to release “Ho! Ho! Ho!”.

This is a Christmas story that won’t shoot your eye out, but there will be plenty of ‘shooting’, ‘rubbing’, and even some ‘paddling’. So if you need your holidays heated it up, give “Ho! Ho! Ho!” a read and I’m pretty sure the temperature will go up.

A note before reading: Beware of the comic relief! I didn’t and it got me. HAHAHA!…I mean, HOHOHO!

And in the spirit of giving, when you buy “Ho! Ho! Ho!”, you’ll get “Naughty Is Nice” and “Santa’s Cookie” for free. That’s worth a Christmas cheer. Yay!

 Here’s the blurb for “Ho! Ho! Ho!”:

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” is a Satin Delight story!
Twas the morning of Christmas and in Kris Kringle’s house something was stirring, and it wasn’t a mouse!

“I’ve been a very naughty girl,” she said.
She was in her late fifties. She was wearing a sheer, black baby-doll and black satin panties. When he came into the room, she got up and stretched. The baby-doll hugged her curves. She was in great shape.
“You are on my naughty list!” Kris said. He dug  in his sack and pulled out the leather paddle. “This is what you need.”
She closed her eyes, her lips parted, and her body trembled.
“Oh yes, that’s what I need,” she whispered.
Kris walked around her, looking her up and down.
“So naughty,” he said, running a finger up her bare arm.
She broke out in goosebumps. He gave her ass a slap. She let out a gasp of pleasure. He moved behind her. He was a head taller than she was. He slipped one hand around her middle and pulled her close. He rubbed the paddle along her thigh. She pressed her ass against him.
“You have to be firm with me,” she moaned, pushing her head back into his chest.
“I know how to handle bad girls,” Kris said. He slipped his hand up her body until he cupped her full breast.

WARNING: “Ho! Ho! Ho!” is intended for a mature audience. This story is a reminder that a happy holiday should always have a happy ending, and that sometimes being naughty is the nicest way to be!

Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:

Offer ends 1/05/2018!