“Hot Pink Romance” book trailer a la French, ooo lala!

I’m at my second book trailer. What I’ve learned:

  • Movie making is easy if you have a script. To make a script, use imagination, pen and paper. That’s a script classic style.
  • Actors are hard to deal with, even if they’re yourself. And I never win an argument with myself. Let yourself be.
  • Directors are always right, except when they’re wrong. But even then they’re right because they’re the only ones who know what they’re doing.
  • A narrator holds the plot together, especially when you don’t have a plot. Choose your narrator wisely. I was lucky to find a very attractive and currently unemployed panty.
  • A beret should be red if you want eyebrows to show.
  • The back works better than the front for a face.
  • Vegetables make great props when they’re vegetables from an actual vegetable garden not from the Garden of Eden.
  • Fast motion is funny—thank you, Benny Hill!
  • Arms make all the difference.
  • The French are always right about love, especially if they’re panties.
  • Computers network just as easily as people but they don’t get STDs.
  • Computers wear panties well, too. I was surprised to see that my Mac wears my panties better than I do. I guess that’s what you call an apple bottom.

Look for my next book trailer to see what else I learn! Happy watching!


See you,