If life gives you lemons, make cookies!

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If life is a path, then it has many pitfalls…

Scattered-brained aside note: I love the word ‘pitfall’. It feels so good to say, like you’re biting into a chewing cookie, and it has so much meaning: pitfall (n.) c. 1300, “concealed hole,” a type of animal trap, from pit (n.1) + fall (n.). Extended sense of “any hidden danger” is first recorded early 15c. (from the Online Etymology Dictionary – my etymological go-to!) In Merriam-Webster (Merriam and Webster make such a wonderful couple), ‘pitfall’ is linked to ‘chum’ as a ‘hunting and fishing term’. I don’t hunt or fish (unless it’s for compliments) but neither seems to fit into the category.

OK, back to the plot. Life paths and pitfalls, yes! There are always problems, some we make for ourselves and others that are thrust upon us, and there’s nothing to do but keep going. That’s why I’ve decided to concentrate on the things I enjoy the most, and today I’m concentrating on…



That’s right, cookies because cookies never let me down. Cookies never say: ‘Sure, you look great!’ without even looking at me. Cookies don’t forget my birthday. Cookies have never cut me off in traffic. Nope. Cookies are sweet and perfectly delectable. I love cookies!

When it comes to cookies, I prefer to make my own because I’m a little ingredient crazy, which means I like certain flours, certain sugars, a certain brand of chocolate, and all sorts of certain other things that are supposed to be better for you than the other things that are less good for you. My favorite cookies right now are Chocolate chip almond butter cookies with buckwheat, maple, and oats {vegan and gluten-free}. That’s a mouthful, and so are the cookies!


I found the recipe for these delicious and healthy, I might add, cookies on Alanna Taylor-Tobin’s Bojon Gourmet (her site has beautiful pictures and mouthwatering recipes. Go and see for yourself; she has ‘boozy recipes’!) I have one of these cookies every day because it makes me happy. Usually, I follow the recipe religiously, which means I change it to fit what I want – that’s the kind of cook I am. I replace the almond butter with sunflower seed butter because the sunflower butter (homemade and freshly made is best for flavor) has a really strong flavor that I like in the cookie – I don’t even taste the almond butter, and I also replace the maple syrup with honey because I like how honey tastes better than I like maple syrup. For chocolate I use Trader Joe’s Pound Plus 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate, imported from Belgium, oui!


Because I am a lazy baker, my cookies vary with every batch, but I’ve found that a little extra honey makes the cookie wonderfully gooey! So gooey that it gets all over your fingers, but I like that.


So, if life is giving us lemons, then I say: let’s make cookies!

See you,


PS: And if you need a sexy story to go with your gooey cookie, and especially if you like honey instead of maple syrup, why don’t you try ‘Pollinate My Flower’ and see what the bees are up?


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