Jingling all the way can be a long way to jingle

December is here, yay! And since it’s the season for parties and cheer all around, today I’m releasing “JINGLE ALL THE WAY” that will put you in the right mood for a party. And make sure your phone is fully charged. You might have to snap some photos. How I got the...

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Some people drink pearl

So....today I've learned something new, in the chemistry department. Do you know the story of Cleopatra and her pearl? I didn't, until today. In short: Apparently, Cleopatra gave a banquet for Antony. It was a banquet of ridiculous proportions to impress...

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What’s tender about Tinder?

The second story of November is out! “NOT SO TENDER” takes you out for a panty try-on session at Rendezvous, the lingerie store, and then browsing on Tinder, the dating app, where, believe or not, you might be able to find exactly what you’ve been missing. How I got...

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Why Yoda was a great speaker

Did you know that Yoda was the master of the HYSTERON PROTERON? Yes, he was.What's a HYSTERON PROTERON? A way of speaking in rhetoric, which is the art of using speech to convince or persuade people. Rhetoric is dead as an art, which makes Yoda the master of a dead...

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