It happened one summer on the beach

Summer is almost over but there’s still time for another trip to the beach. “BOUND FOR THE BEACH” takes you to the beach for a one final summer fling you’re not very likely to forget. If you like the BOUND TO SERVE series, make sure you read this one because it’s hot!...

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Are there tight-lipped elephants?

If you follow me on IG, then you probably know - if you read my posts - that I'm kind of a word nerd. A few month ago I asked this on my post: If you had to make a post about TACITURN, what would you say? And someone gave an answer I loved: "I used to believe that...

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Have you ever been to a cursed beach?

August is here, which means it’s time for MMBooks – which is me – to take you to the beach. “D&D AND THE CURSED BEACH” is a story that will make you think twice before going on vacation on an island that used to be closed to the public. There is always a good reason...

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How many crocodile tears are in a crocodile year?

Why do crocodile tears get such a bad reputation? If you shed crocodile tears, they're not real tears, you're just faking sadness and your tears are fake tears. I'm sure sad crocodiles shed real tears just like any rhino. How do I know? Well, because bees and...

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Love is the easiest thing in the world

My first ever collaboration with a photographer wasn't as a model but as a writer. My part of the collaboration was to write a few short paragraphs on LOVE, LUST and DESIRE. The paragraphs on LOVE turned out longer, because once you start thinking about LOVE, who can...

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When you can’t talk about sex, get a teacher!

The second story of July is out! Yay! “RENDEZVOUS WITH TEACHER” is here to teach you a lesson. Just because it’s summertime, it doesn’t mean all teachers are taking a vacation. At first I didn’t know what “RENDEZVOUS WITH TEACHER” was going to be about. I just wanted...

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