Who likes to do it in public places?

March is here, and I thought I’d kick off the month with a story that takes everyone out of the house. March should be for mingling. “FaceTime At The Opera” takes you to the opera hall where lots of things happen backstage – or on the backstairs - while the show is...

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What can happen when you’re in a beating mood

I am a great lover of mayonnaise! Although I don't eat it that much anymore, but when I do I like it. I mean I love it.Here's what I've just read somewhere about mayonnaise and gave me a really good chuckle. It's 1756, and the French and the English are fighting. Duc...

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Don’t forget to say ‘Please’!

The second story of February is out! “PLEASE!”, the last installment of “NO! MAYBE! YES! PLEASE!” concludes the crazy journey of Jo Williams, the woman who has way too much sexual energy to be allowed outside of a novel. LOL!!! About the cover concept: Last month, in...

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How much do you think before you say yes?

The first story of February, “YES!”, is out! Just in time for Valentine’s Day when you’re expected to act at least a little bit romantic. And if you’re looking to read a story that will make you feel romantic, I should tell you that “YES!” is not exactly a romantic...

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Salary should be salty, chocolate should be sweet

Do you know what SALT and SALARY have to do with each other? Before there was salary, there was salt. Salt was very expensive in ancient Rome, it was precious like gold, and the Romans paid their soldiers in salt rations, or, as they were called, "salarium"....

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Monkeys don’t wear jackets

If you want to know about monkey jackets, read on. A MONKEY JACKET is a short coat worn by seamen. It is called a monkey jacket because it has "no more a tail than a monkey", says the dictionary. Um... But both Old World and New World monkeys have tails (with just one...

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