Who’s ready for a Xmas party?

I’m happy to announce that the last story of 2018 is out! Yay! “ARE YOU READY?” is the fourth story in the CLEO AND TONY’S JOURNAL series. If you’re familiar with the series, you know what to expect. If you’re not, expect a Xmas party where some people are nervous at...

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Who would take the garlic’s side?

Here's something you didn't know about GARLIC. According to an old superstition, garlic and onion can destroy a magnet's property of drawing iron. Apparently, Ptolemy believed it. WHAAAAT? Ptolemy was the same guy who gave me a lot of trouble in geometry class with...

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Underwear won’t get you a literary agent

Here's the message someone left me once:" Hi Misty, I have a question. Do you think my posing half naked on Instagram playing with your chest and showing the world yourself and your underwear, going to score you a literary agent for your books...and I'm...

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Jingling all the way can be a long way to jingle

December is here, yay! And since it’s the season for parties and cheer all around, today I’m releasing “JINGLE ALL THE WAY” that will put you in the right mood for a party. And make sure your phone is fully charged. You might have to snap some photos. How I got the...

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Some people drink pearl

So....today I've learned something new, in the chemistry department. Do you know the story of Cleopatra and her pearl? I didn't, until today. In short: Apparently, Cleopatra gave a banquet for Antony. It was a banquet of ridiculous proportions to impress...

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