Who has the advantage?

It’s November, and I have a story out that will make you think of August. If you think November is not a month for outdoor fun in only a skirt and t-shirt, think again. “40 LOVE” is out and ready to take you for a spin on the tennis court. You’ll very likely forget...

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Even Siri knows stupid isn’t good

I was driving around and I noticed this theater called AD PLAYERS. So I asked Siri:ME: Hey Siri, give me the season schedule for AD Players.SIRI: I could not find anything about AD Players.ME: Community theater, AD Players, Houston, TX.SIRI: Which players? Houston...

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The book that will make you not want to grow up

I believe this is one of the best ending lines of any book I've read so far: "Just because some of us can read and write and do a little math, that doesn't mean we deserve to conquer the Universe." - Kurt Vonnegut 'Hocus Pocus'. * I love this book! I...

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What’s fun like in the superhero world?

It’s October, and, naturally, I had to write a Halloween story. And I wrote a superhero spoof titled “HALLOWEEN HARLOT”. And I hope you’re ready for it, because “Halloween Harlot” is ready to make you hot and sure to make you laugh! “Halloween Harlot” was inspired by...

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The importance of being clever

Someone asked me once: "If you, Fahrenheit 451-style, got to pick a novel to memorize and 'be' (excluding your own), which would you choose and why?" Well, it would have to be something by Oscar Wilde. But not THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY. It would drive me crazy if I...

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What’s scarier than a vampire?

It’s Halloween month, boo! But the first story of October is as far away from scary as it can be. “A WRITING ASSIGNMENT” is a casual online encounter that turns into a lesbian romance. Nothing scary about that. “A WRITING ASSIGNMENT” was inspired by my own writing...

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