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by | Apr 23, 2017 | misty mac bookstore


Sorry about the caps but I’m very excited about my new website! So excited I’m going to take a second to tell you all about it!

So here it goes!




Nuts! I’m sitting on my butt with my fingers poised over the keyboard and nothing is happening other than the blank computer screen looking at me with a rather accusatory glint. My screen hates me, I know it does. It doesn’t say anything about it, not in words, but it has a look that I recognize. Well, screw you, screen, my mouse still loves me.

Sorry, I’m just rambling so I don’t have to write about doing my site because writing a post about building my little bookstore brings to mind that thing people love to say: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”. And if I stick with that sage (read ‘sage’ as crappy) advice, this blog post will be very, very short because building the website was HELL!


Even now, after working on the site forever (in this case forever is about two months, off and on, with starts and stops, and breaks for chocolate, and wine, and the bathroom – remember to always drink lots and lots of water because water equals regularity and regularity equals happiness!) I’m still not certain if it works, or if it looks good, or if Google will help people find it.


I’m past fretting, though. The site is done – whew! – and I’m ready to roll it out.


MistyMacBookstore is fresh and new, like warm bread right out of the oven, YUMMY! And it has everything you’d ever want! There are my stories, of course, and my silly blog posts. There are some photos. Oh, and some slick adds, some for me and some for K&L, because the world is all about advertising. There’s even some free stuff to check out. And because it’s a site I built, there are bad gifs and other silly things. Hopefully, I didn’t make it so bloated that it won’t load, ugh.

Of course, it’s…


Which is the way I like it!

Ha ha! No, not really, but confidence sells, that’s what they tell me.

But seriously now, as proud of my new store as I am, I know it’s only a website. It’s important, yes, and I hope it works, and I hope it looks good, and I hope you like it, but the website is nothing more than a platform for me to put myself out there. It’s a place to show off my work to the world, and having a great platform is going to change how I do things and what things I do.

My new store is going to be bigger – watch out, AMAZON! – and my blog will get better. It will be more honest and approach certain topics that I didn’t want to approach before, like, let’s say, butt plugs. And as my website grows, I want my writing to grow, too. I’m not going to release only erotic fiction anymore, even though I’m still writing erotica – I’ve only just begun to explore the erotic and there will always be a place for the sexy at my bookstore – but I will be writing other types of fiction.
I will be spreading my literary wings, flap, flap, and hopefully something good will come out of it, and if I’m really ambitious, maybe even great. If you have advice, comments, any kind of critic, you’re always welcome to share or throw them at me, because my bookstore is not just about me, it’s about you, too.

Now I’m going to stop before I break out into spontaneous song like in a feel good movie. Oh, but wait, there’s one last thing I’m hoping for and it’s important I get it off my chest.

I hope you’ll stick around and see what happens!

See you,


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