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Today is a special Monday, not because it’s a new release Monday but because the story I’m releasing is a story I did a while back for a loyal reader – thank you, carl461@tumblr, for being my loyal reader! – called ‘The Lady In Black Satin‘. He agreed that I could share the story with the world, and that’s great news for all my readers.

The Lady in Black Satin‘ marked an evolutionary shift in my erotica writing, not necessarily toward better stories (I’m not going to condemn ‘Praying the Mantis’, ‘Bride of Bigfoot’, or my other early stories as bad, because I think they were great, weird maybe, but still great) but toward stories with a greater emphasis on tactile feelings, such as the rubbing of satin that happens throughout this story.

Give it a read and tell me what you think!

Here’s the blurb:

When Mike ordered a pair of Mindy’s used panties, he knew he was getting a sexy package, but what he didn’t know was that the package would come special delivery.

“Hi,” she says.
Her eyes fall down his body and linger on his cock. Then she looks up at him with a wide grin.
“Hi,” he says.
He can’t decide where to look. In her eyes, at her delectable mouth, or at her hard nipples.
“You don’t recognize me, do you?” she asks.
“No,” he stammers.
“Do you recognize these?” she asks, sliding her fingers over her hard nipples.
He swallows, and shakes his head.
She sits on the stool behind her. “You must recognize these,” she says, hitching up her dress and spreading her legs.
He looks down at the shimmering black satin panties, and his eyes grow wide with shock, surprise, excitement, he can’t tell which.
“Do you remember buying them?” she whispers.

Warning: ‘The Lady in Black Satin’ is intended for a mature audience. It is not intended to encourage the reader to rub their genitals willy-nilly against any surface available. That could be very rude in public places; plus, it’s best when sensitive genitals are rubbed against other genitals, and it’s recommended that the genitals be covered in smooth, cool satin for the greatest comfort and satisfaction.

Happy reading and rubbing!

And here’s the cover. Very red, isn’t it?


And here’s where you can buy it!


And remember, whenever you buy one of my stories, you’ll get a $10 from Katy and Laura’s Fancy Satin Panty Store!


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