My first encounter with Hermione!

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One of my followers from IG suggested I had a conversation with HERMIONE GRANGER. So, here it is:

ME: Is your purse like Fortunatus’s?
HERMIONE GRANGER: My small beaded handbag? I seriously doubt that. Who’s Fortunatus?
ME: What? A smart girl like you doesn’t know who Fortunatus is? Why, even my IG followers know.
HERMIONE (put out): I’m sure you make a great teacher.
MISTY’S HAIR: Misty wants to make a great writer.
MISTY’S BODY: Misty makes a decent model.
HERMIONE: Are you sure you’re pursuing the right career?
MISTY’S BRAIN: Definitely.
ME: Anyway. If you don’t know about Fortunatus, how are you so sure that your purses aren’t similar?
HERMIONE: Well, because I’ve used an Undetectable Extention Charm on my bag…
HERMIONE (with a mean look): …and, unless he’s a wizard, his bag…
ME: …purse…
HERMIONE: …couldn’t possibly be like mine. And judging by his name, he was likely someone who was favored by Fortune for being kind or some such nonsense and got a bag that does things for him. Which is not like my bag at all.
ME: You’re good! No, it’s not like your purse at all. What kind of charm…
HERMIONE: …spell…
ME: …do you think is on his bag? It never runs out of money.
HERMIONE: It sounds like dark magic.
ME: You know, Roland has a bag similar to yours.
HERMIONE: Who’s Roland?
ME: Don’t you read Stephen King?
HERMIONE: I don’t have time for light reading.
ME: Stephen King isn’t light reading, but I see your point.

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