My sweeping sweepstakes that swept me off my feet

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It’s the last week of 2016, and also the last week of MistyMacBooks SuperDuper Sweepstakes.


It’s also the last week of my first Christmas retail experience, and it was hectic. Honestly, I wasn’t prepared for how hectic it would be.

I had to take pictures and promote the Super Duper Sweepstakes.

I made a logo for my bookstore!


I even made a logo for the sweepstakes!


There’s a theme: my butt. Is it crass to use my ass? Maybe, maybe not, but my marketing team – mostly me – insisted that was one of my best assets.

And then Christmas descended upon me very quickly. It fell like night falls in a story about vampires, suddenly and dramatically when I wasn’t ready.

I had so many things I wanted to do as a savvy retailer. There were videos I wanted to make that would have driven readers to my store, hungry for my stories so to speak. I wanted to take wonderful pictures. I wanted to write blog posts promoting my Super Duper Sweepstakes.

But time flew by while I was doing normal living things and I was left scrambling.

Retailing is tough.

The toughest part of all was not being able to write, because that’s what I love doing: writing. (Note: actually, what I love are the moments before the actual  writing, when the story is being born and ideas are gushing, those moments when anything is possible and I’m seeing a story for the first time.)

Now the Super Duper Sweepstakes is almost over, and I want to thank all of those who have entered.


The grand prize winner will get to experience those first wonderful moments of writing a story with me, as we figure out together what his or her story will be. The second prize winner will get a shorter story, but still a story, and the other winners will be saddled with either a print copy of one of my stories (a glossy picture book) or a poster of me (having a bookstore is making me very conscious of my body and its potential as an advertising commodity!)

And if you haven’t entered my Super Duper Sweepstakes yet, there’s still time to do it, and there’s a chance at saving!


In conclusion, my first Christmas as a tiny store owner was hectic and went by way too fast for me to do all the things that I wanted to do, but I’ll learn from this and next year I’ll do better. Next year I’ll have Christmas videos and gifs, great pictures and wonderful stories. I’ll have everything, and maybe I’ll even find some actual snow!

See you,


PS: Oh, go and buy any story bundle (this is my retailing pitch, ha, ha)!


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