Need to improve your diction? Try my newest friction fiction!

by | Jul 10, 2017 | misty mac bookstore, New Release

It’s the tenth of the month again—Oh, my! How time flies!—and it’s the middle of summer, which means that it’s the right time for a burning hot story release to remind you that if you’ve been hot so far, you’re going to get even hotter. “Can I Help You?” is out—Yay!!!— it’s steaming things up! Whew! Who needs a fan? Well, you will when you read this piece of friction fiction.

The idea for “Can I Help You?” came as a flash when I was in scrum for drop-bottom priced panties at a panty store sale. I was ripping a thong away from another interested party—an alligator-print thong that I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing, but at that price I also wouldn’t feel sorry if I bought them—when I had this thought: panty buying doesn’t have to be a struggle. It should be a pleasure. My mind started clicking. I didn’t even feel the thong being pulled from my fingers. I was having the inkling of a story about pleasurable panty buying, because what’s more pleasurable than two consenting adults rubbing their sensitive parts against each other while shopping?

Here’s the blurb:


“Can I Help You?” is a satin delight experience.

Miles wants to buy himself some sexy satin panties, but he can’t help the horrible embarrassment he feels buying the panties in person. But embarrassment can be the sexiest emotion.

She helped him out of his jacket, and she started undoing his shirt buttons, working slowly and with great deliberation down his chest. The slowness was maddening. 

“This is excellent service,” Miles gasped. 

“Service is a pleasure,” she said, working the last button. 

As he shrugged out of his shirt, she ran a nail down his chest. Her touch made him shiver. This was incredible service, he thought.  And then it got better.  She knelt in front of him and started to undo his belt. He looked down at her. The site made him gulp. Looking at her back and ass in the mirror was just as good. Expertly, she undid his belt, then the button on his trousers, then his zipper. From her knees, she looked up at him, her eyes sparkling with delight.

“This is a full service station,” she said, grinning.

She pulled down his trousers and his boxer briefs in one slow, deliberate slide. 

Warning: “Can I Help You?” contains explicit scenes of vigorous rubbing. In the real world such rubbing could cause skin burns and perhaps should be avoided. Remember, when rubbing vigorously use care and all due caution!


Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:

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