New release: a romance in hot pink, yes, please!

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It’s another book launch today! HOORAY! Today is a “Hot Pink Romance” kind of day, and what could be better than that? Nothing, because if it’s too hot it will burn and if it’s not hot enough it might give you the chills. So, on we go in a hot trot!!!

“Hot Pink Romance” is a Satin Delight story that is all about first encounters, relationships that probably aren’t what relationships should be, love, because that makes everything better, and hot pink satin panties, because that really makes everything hot. Also YUMMY! This is Taylor and River’s story, how they meet, how they come together, how they have computer sex and then sexy sex, and how they fall in love.

Here’s the blurb:

When Taylor goes into Rendezvous to buy some lingerie for his girlfriend, he has no idea that a pair of satin panties could change his whole life.

He managed to tuck his cock back into his pants before she pulled him out of the booth. He was making a nice tent of the front of his pants. She looked at the bulge and was overcome by a terrible need to get her mouth on it and start sucking.

Be bold, Ms. McKay always said. But was she acting bold or was she acting she stupid? Or was she just so horny that she couldn’t think straight? Or was she… lovesick?

No, not that, definitely not. She couldn’t be lovesick. How could she be in love with a guy she had just met?

Was this love at first sight?

Was that why she was acting so crazy?

Maybe so, or maybe it was something else, but whatever it was, she liked it. It made her feel great. It made her feel wet. 

“Take me,” she panted, getting close to him until his bulge pressed into her stomach.

Warning: ‘Hot Pink Romance’ is intended for a mature audience and no one should regard the story as dating advice. The story also doesn’t advocate that anyone should drop their significant other just because their significant other gives oral sex like a beaver building a dam, chomp, chomp, chomp.


Here’s the cover (a great big thanks to my patrons who helped me decide on the final cover, hey, guys!) and where you can buy the story:


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