New release: Game Day Replay, a naughty wife adventure

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Game Day Replay is my new story in the Naughty Wives Series, available now on Amazon (shameless plug No. 1).

It’s the riveting tale of Kat, wife of Phil ( I guess, having just thought of this, his name is Freudian, or anti-Freudian, because Kat doesn’t get her ‘fill’ of Phil, so to speak). Kat is frustrated – really, who’s not a little frustrated sometimes? – and she acts out her frustrations by strutting by Phil and his friends, who are having an engrossing game day football party.

That’s where the ‘Game Day’ part of Game Day Replay, available now on Amazon Kindle (shameless plug No. 2), comes from.

(Warning: my shameless plugging goal is five.)

And even though Kat puts on her best, or biggest, Victoria’s Secret push-up bra, she gets no reaction, if you can believe.

At least there’s no reaction until she encounters tall, dark, and delectable Hue. After Kat and Hue get together, you can imagine what happens. If you can’t, I’ll tell you: it’s explicit, ball-burning, boob-bouncing, ‘oh yes, yes, yes’-screaming sex.

But don’t think sex is all there is to this story. Oh no. I did say there is explicit sex in Game Day Replay, available now exclusively on Amazon (shameless plug No. 3), didn’t I? Well, if I didn’t, now you know, so breathe easily, dear horny reader. And yes, there’s a plot to go with the explicit sex, and what’s more, there’s a plot twist, because everyone likes a twist, and not just the twisting and writhing involved in explicit sex.

The twist is revealed when the ‘Replay’ part of Game Day Replay, available now on Amazon (and that’s shameless plug No. 4 and the last one, because I’m starting to feel like a carney barker), comes into play. To find out what’s really happening, you’ll have to read the story all the way through, or skip to the last page.

That’s the story in a nutshell.

Now I’d like to say a little something about the cover, because let’s be honest, most people will never take the plunge of $0.99 and slide slowly between the covers of this budding story to gently finger the juicy folds of the plump pages and feast their yearning eyes over the overly ripe words so they can see what’s popping up out of my brain.

Sorry, overly sordid writing mode kicked in!

Anyhow, about the cover. The photo I chose for the cover has a hint of action, what with the looking back and the kneeling, and there’s something of a mystery to it. Why is she looking back? What’s there? Who’s coming?

In this kind of stories, it’s most likely going to be someone with a large penis who’s coming, and likely many times.

So that’s why this photo made the cut, but pretty much all the photos I took in this photoshoot had what was needed, i.e. those huge, Victoria’s Secret-augmented bosoms. Side note: I love the word ‘bosom’. Google it and listen to the pronunciation: ˈbo͝ozəm. I could listen to that guy saying it all day.

That’s pretty much all there is to say about Game Day Replay, except to wish you all happy reading.

See you,


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