New release in nuptial white! Catch the groom on wedding night!

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It’s book launch day again, and you know what I say? YAY! Because it feels really good to get another story out. “Nuptials Sans Groom” is very hot (of course!), has some parts that I find quite erotic, has brides and bridesmaids and maids of honor (who doesn’t like them, in all those veils and sexy dresses and heels and nicely-done hair, right?). And let’s not forget the photos that were a lot of fun for me to take because I got to wear a bridal veil, which I’ve never thought I’d wear and now I can say I will never wear because it’s a little bit of trouble and you can’t see much through it. One last thing worth mentioning about this new story is: the idea for it came from a Twitter conversation I had with one of my Patreon patrons (hey, R!), which reminds me to remind you that I listen to ideas and if I like them I turn them into stories.

Here’s the blurb:


“Nuptials Sans Groom” is a return to Rendezvous in black and white satin.

For earnest Andy and elegant Emily marriage is supposed to be the beginning of their wonderful life together, but when Andy is caught throwing moon eyes at lovely Lola, Emily’s best friend, pants down and pickle protruding, ‘I do’ becomes ‘you won’t’ faster than he can zip up his fly.

In “Nuptials Sans Groom” watching becomes the most excruciating form of torture.

The world stopped as their eyes met. Andy knew she’d say something. She’d stop and point at him. Accuse him. He’d be caught and Emily would find out. His wedding night would go from the best night of his life to the worst.

Lola smiled, and then the smile became a snarl. She began moving more frantically, almost desperately, her firm thighs flexing as she pulled Cole to her with her strong legs, grinding against him. She never broke eye contact with Andy. She never looked away.

Relief and desire flooded Andy, making him even harder.

Lola and Cole humped against the wall until Lola pulled Cole’s head back with a handful of his dark hair.

“I need that dick,” she snarled. Her eyes were slanted toward Andy.

Cole didn’t answer, but he stepped back. Lola kissed him, then she slowly lowered herself to her knees. Andy watched, mesmerized…

Warning: “Nuptials Sans Groom” is intended for an extremely mature audience, or at least an audience of age, who understands the risks of mixing matrimony, public pleasuring, and voyeurism.



Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:


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