New Release Saturday: vampires and vampire hunters

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If you love vampires, werewolves, and sexy stories, you’ll love today’s new release, ‘A Virgin’s First Hunt.’ This story has a little bit of everything and it’s sure to get your blood pumping.

Here’s a little taste:

There wasn’t supposed to be any danger in the club tonight. They called it a mission, but Skye knew it was just training. A chance to see if the new Virgin could handle it on the outside. So many couldn’t. Skye was determined that she wouldn’t fail.

“That would be great,” she said, trying to sound confident.

“Follow me,” Cleo said, and smiled.

Still holding her hand, Cleo led Skye on the crowded dance floor. The crowd parted as they walked through. Skye couldn’t pull her eyes up from Cleo’s long legs. Cleo was wearing six-inch red stilettoes, and she moved on them like a prowling cat. In the middle of the throng of people, Cleo stopped. She turned and looked at Skye. Her expression was full of desire. Skye’s stomach danced. She bit her lip.

“This is where you come to be noticed,” Cleo said, and she swung her gaze upwards.

Skye followed her gaze. The windows of the two floors above them were looking down. The spot where they were standing was like a stage. Cleo reached out and brushed her fingers across Skye’s neck. It was only a touch, but it made heat rush through Skye. She felt the blush rise up on her cheeks. She squeezed her legs together.

“Did you come to be noticed, Skye?” Cleo asked.

Skye squirmed. She swallowed. Cleo leaned closer. She put a hand on Skye’s hip and draped her arm on Skye’s shoulder. Tentatively, Skye put her hands on Cleo’s hips.

“Do you feel the music?” Cleo asked, as she pulled Skye against her.

Cleo’s lips were so close to Skye’s that she felt the tickle of her breath. Unconsciously, Skye leaned forward.

“Yes,” Skye whispered. The word was almost a kiss.

And here’s the blurb:

Skye is a Vestal Virgin, and a Vestal Virgin is a shield that stands between humanity and the monsters that lurk in the dark.

Raised and trained as a weapon, she’s also a young, inexperienced woman who knows nothing of the world or its temptations. So when her first mission plunges her into a sensual sea of decadent delights, she begins to question her purpose, her comrades, and even her precious virginity.

WARNING: ‘A Virgin’s First Hunt’ is intended for a mature audience, and contains scenes of a sexual nature.

And here’s the cover:


It’s a little different than my other covers. How do you like it?

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