October is carnival time!

by | Oct 10, 2017 | misty mac bookstore, New Release

This year I’ve decided that October is carnival time. At least at my bookstore.

“Carnival Ride” is out and ready to be taken for a spin!!! Yay! It’s daring and full of games and frolicking rides, and I hope you’ll agree with me that October should be carnival time.

I wish there had been a carnival that I could have gone to and taken photos for the book cover, but there wasn’t. I took photos downtown on a Sunday morning, and it was bustling with people. I saw a guy taking photos of me with his phone, but, luckily, I was wearing my sunglasses, ha! So I was, basically, incognito. I had to run around from building to building in search of a secluded spot to take some photos of panty flash. I was as daring as I could dare, which wasn’t as daring as I would have wanted for this story.

This was an experimental photoshoot trip. I wasn’t sure if the outfit would work or if anything would work. In the end I decided to use the photos I took that Sunday and not reshoot. And since this was one of those rare occasions when I took the photos for the cover before I wrote the story, I went ahead and gave the girl in the story the outfit I was wearing in the photos.

Again, many thanks to R (hey, R!) for this story suggestion. I haven’t written about an erotic encounter that takes place in the out of doors since “A Trap Is Sprung.”

 Here’s the blurb:

Gillian and Flynn have been together for a while, but being together can be lonely. Gillian desperately wants Flynn to look at her with the passion he once had for her. Is it too much to ask to be wanted?

How far will Gillian go to rekindle the flame they’ve lost?

“You are too suspicious,” she said. “I just got you something.”
She lifted her hand. It was clutched in a fist.
“What is that?” he said, eyeing her.
She opened her hand, and in her palm was a bright blue ball.
“My panties,” she said. She rubbed them over his bare arm. They were cool and smooth. She rubbed them up and up his arm, over his shoulder, and across his neck. “I thought you might like them,” she said, grinning.
She rubbed the smooth panties over his cheek, and he smelled the scent of her. Her sweet musk.
“You promised,” he said, breathing in.

WARNING: “Carnival Ride” is intended for a mature audience, and is a reminder that the best ride isn’t something you find at the local fair. It’s the ride you’re with.

Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:
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