‘Rendezvous’, a lingerie shop too good to be true

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I had many requests for stories involving lingerie stores and their dressing rooms, so writing a story about a lingerie store was inevitable. But I didn’t want to write about a cookie-cutter lingerie store. I wanted something different, something special, something unique. It had be comfortable and luxurious. It had to be posh and plush, like all the Spice Girls wrapped into a tasteful package and made into a store. So I came up with ‘Rendezvous’, a fine (by ‘fine’ I mean expensive) lingerie boutique.

Here are a few things to know before venturing into ‘Rendezvous’, because it can be a little intimidating on a first visit.dsc_7330-1

First of all, don’t worry about not being able to find it on a busy street. It is actually hard to miss. Perhaps influenced by my love of indie bookstores, ‘Rendezvous’ is a timeless structure (by which I mean it stands out):

“The storefront had a black cast-iron facade, with ornate windows and a wholly unexpected stoop. It looked almost as if a turn-of-the-century Parisian business had been plucked out of time and slapped into a no-nonsense modern testament to architecture.”


“The wooden door was painted bright red, or a very deep shade of hot pink, and it had a massive brass handle.”

Who can miss a bright red door?

So now you decide to go in. You open the door and take one step:

“The boutique was larger than he had expected. Its high ceilings were covered in copper bowed wreath tiles, and it was lit by three rows of chrome-finished crystal chandeliers that ran down the length of the long room. The walls were luxuriously papered in deep red wallpaper that had a flower pattern running through it. The walls were broken by shelved alcoves painted in bright colors. The boutique’s floor was covered with a ruby red carpet. In the center of the room was a long, padded-leather bench where women reclined in various states of dress. And everywhere there were antique tables stacked with folded lingerie.

…With all the red, and the rose, and the pink, the room should have looked like a bordello gone mad, but it somehow managed to look timeless and tasteful.”

So it’s pretty inviting, I hope you agree. Then, you walk inside, and the door closes behind you. Too late to go back now.


Then a woman appears out of nowhere and tells you, “Shoes, please.” Ah, don’t panic, she’s only trying to make you feel at home (no one wears shoes in the comfort of their own home, do they?). If you’re trying to object, this is what will happen:

“You can wear these slippers while you’re in the store,” the beautiful Viking woman said, and she lowered herself down in front of him and pushed a pair of quilted red silk slippers toward his feet.

Leo began to tremble. Her forehead was nearly pressed against his throbbing erection.”

Perhaps not an ideal situation, but certainly not a bad situation to be in (speaking from a woman’s point of view).

Then you will meet the owner, Ms. McKay, and you really want to meet her.

“Ms. McKay was gorgeous, and not just physically. There was something about her, some kind of magnetism. Leo was certain he could tell Ms. McKay that he was looking for panties for himself, and she would not judge him or think anything of it. She would take him by the hand and help him find the perfect panties.”

Now, let’s get one thing straight about ‘Rendezvous’. ‘Rendezvous’ is a libertine place in the classical use of the word. I want to claim the Calvinist term as something positive. There shouldn’t be a negative connotation to sex – damn all the puritans to their boring hell. Therefore, ‘Rendezvous’ is free of inhibitions and conformity. So everyone in ‘Rendezvous’ wears lingerie, customers and workers alike, and not just the women, mind you, because not only women like to wear or like to be seen wearing lingerie.

And now to the lingerie. ‘Rendezvous’ will always carry satin panties, because satin is classic luxury, and my favorite satin panties are, obviously, Katie and Laura’s Fancy Satin Panties and that is what most of the characters who will be visiting ‘Rendezvous’ (in future stories) will be looking for.


I really liked what Ms. McKay wore when I last wrote about her. She really likes black and corsets. In her first appearance she’s wearing the Penelope Corset from Agent Provocateur, and later she’s wearing the Victoria Corset by Cadolle. One of the shop assistants is wearing this amazing piece, Cabaret Smoking Bodysuit by Maison Close, and another one is wearing the Macrame Silk Camisole by La Perla. If you want to know why Leo (he’s the guy who ventures for the first time in his life in a lingerie store) is so stunned and unable to speak most of the time, some of it is the lingerie. I know I was struck dumb looking at this lingerie online.

I hope this makes you want to visit ‘Rendezvous’, by which I mean I hope this makes you want to read my latest release, ‘Rendezvous In Satin Blue’.


See you,