Satin panty meets g-string

by | Nov 26, 2017 | Daily conversations, Let's laugh! | 1 comment

Sometime ago someone suggested I write an interview with an item of clothing that took part in one of my stories (Hey, @katieb858585 from IG! Thanks for this suggestion!)

Here it is, not exactly an interview but a conversation between HOT PINK PRINCESS from K&L and PINK G-STRING from VS, a new addition to my panty collection. I thought someone should make the g-string welcome and my satin panties are very friendly.

HOT PINK PRINCESS: Welcome to Misty’s panty drawer!
PINK G-STRING: Is everyone around here so…?
HOT PINK PRINCESS: Full coverage? No. Misty’s taste is pretty eclectic. We are a very diverse community: big-bottomed, small-bottomed, hippy, cheeky. You’re the tinniest so far, but don’t worry, there are no bullies here. No will grab your crotch patch, or date your string behind your back, or pull your strings. I’ll keep away from the string bikinis, if I were you. They come with strings attached.
PINK G-STRING: I prefer to be worn alone.
HOT PINK PRINCESS: Who doesn’t? But you’ve been bought and what you want doesn’t matter. And Misty is notorious for wearing more than one string bikini at once. But hey, cheer up. If you play your cards right, you might even be in a story or a movie.
HOT PINK PRINCESS: Well, more like a book trailer with low ratings, but still. Misty’s a writer, and other things. You’ll find out. I was the main character in her book trailer for HOT PINK ROMANCE. It was blast! I wore a moustache and played French.
PINK G-STRING: Sounds cool. How do I get to be in a movie?
HOT PINK PRINCESS: What are you good at? I, for instance, like to cover cheeks.
PINK G-STRING: I’m not great for coverage but people really seem to like me.
HOT PINK PRINCESS: Then Misty will like you, too. She likes everyone.

Which reminds me, I’d love to find some time to make more book trailers. The HOT PINK PRINCESS panty wasn’t lying. He was the narrator in my book trailer for “Hot Pink Romance.” You can see it on Youtube.

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