SEA FOAM LOVERS out on the beach!

by | Aug 20, 2017 | misty mac bookstore, New Release

Summer is almost over, but wait, don’t think it’s over yet. I have a new beach-inspired story. SEA FOAM LOVERS is out and ready to be read. Yay! When you see people coming out of the water, don’t panic! They may have good intentions!

How the idea for the story came about: I was on one of my walks with my hubby and we saw a woman alone on a bench in front of this place where there was some kind of party. “That’s poignant,” he said. “That she’s sitting alone on a bench while her friends are enjoying the party? I don’t think that’s poignant. I think she probably finds them all very boring, and she’s sick of it. But you gave me a story idea.” Initially I was worried that having a broken-hearted woman in an erotic story would dampen the eroticism. After all, tears and hot romantic encounters don’t exactly mix. Or do they? But there’s nothing like an ancient god to restore a woman’s trust in herself and mankind.

 Here’s the blurb:


Kelly’s dreams are shattered when Aaron breaks up with her. She’s left with a broken heart, a booked vacation, and no partner to take it with. But even in the deepest sadness, there are dreams.

On a private beach, in the crashing waves, Kelly rediscovers her passion for life in the pounding rhythm of the ocean and in the strong arms of her dream lover.

I wake up at the touch of her lips.
“Wake up,” she whispers, her lips pressing to mine.
I blink. I must be dreaming. She kisses me again. She’s gentle. She pushes my hair back.
“I was looking for you,” I blurt.
She smiles and kisses me again.
“I saw you last night,” I say.
“I know,” she says, kissing me again.
She’s lying next to me, her naked body pressed against mine. She’s staring down into my eyes.
“I’m Halia,” she says, and she runs her fingertip over my lower lip.
I kiss her fingertip.
“Where is…?” I don’t know what to call the guy with the big dick.
“Pontus,” she says.
Her voice is light but husky, and she has an accent I can’t identify.
“Pontus,” I say. “Where is he?”
“He’s coming,” she says, smiling.
“He’s coming now?” I breathe, my heart racing.
“He’s coming for you,” she says.

Warning: “Sea Foam Lovers” is intended for a mature audience.


Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:


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