Summer Contest! It’s a Treasure Hunt!


Join the TREASURE HUNT! Yay or nay, it’s all ok!

If summer has turned you mellow, this will help you perk up.

Let me explain how the TREASURE HUNT works so you can get right to business.

First: Find the 5 golden words. They are scattered throughout the site, so you’ll have to do some looking around.

Second: Use the 5 words to write whatever you feel inspired to write. It can be a sentence, a paragraph, a poem in pentameter (haha, just kidding!), a haiku, if you’re good at it, a short story, if you have the time (those are always delightful), a parable, a paradox. It really doesn’t matter what you write as long as there’s syntax (but I’m not very particular about that, either). Word sculptures count, as well.

Third: Send your writing via email – – or DM me on my Instagram, or on my Tumblr, or Twitter, whatever works for you.

DEADLINE: The Treasure Hunt begins on 07/20/2017 and ends on 07/31/2017.


I’m holding your prize!

THE PRIZE: I will choose the winner on a whim—there’s no better way to put it—which means that I will read what comes my way and I will pick what I like. The winner gets a hard copy of one of my stories, “Pretty Young Thing In Pretty Purple Satin”, autographed and slightly covered in gold glitter.

I look forward to reading your writing! Good luck!