That time when I uninvited Dracula

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Meet Raja, the female lead in my urban fantasy, “Half-Light, Angel Wings”.

Someone knocks at my door.
ME: Yes? What do you want?
VISITOR: May I come in?
ME: Sure. Everyone’s invited in my house. Now hurry up. I was writing a story and I don’t want to lose my idea.
VISITOR: Do you write with pencils by any chance?
ME: No. But I use pencils to chew on them. Gives me ideas.
VISITOR: Are they sharpened?
ME: Obviously. You never know what I have to stab at a moment’s notice.
VISITOR: Do you know who I am?
ME: Old, tall, pale, aquiline nose, massive eyebrows, peculiarly sharp white teeth, hairs in the center of your palms. You may have fooled Jonathan Harker but you can’t fool me. There’s someone here I’d like you to meet. Raja. She makes a brilliant light when she opens her wings. I’d like to test her powers.
VISITOR (aka DRACULA) steps back: You have an angel here?
ME: Look, I’ve just made you a great honor by inviting you into my house. You have exactly one second to come in or I’ll withdraw my invitation.
DRACULA takes another step back.
ME: Great. You’re uninvited.

So Raja scared Dracula off. Read her story, “HALF-LIGHT, ANGEL WINGS”, now at my bookstore.

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