The four finalists of my Treasure Hunt!!

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Contests, Summer contests, Treasure Hunt

Choosing the winner of my Treasure Hunt is proving more difficult than I thought. There are so many submissions that I like, so it’s very hard to decide on one. I could have a drawing to choose the winner, that would be easy, but where’s the fun (for me) in having chance decide things? No. I’ve decided to come to a decision slowly by making a list of finalists.

Here they are:

1.@stenisloved (Instagram)

It’s raining,

A kiss for my naked body,

Dew on the rosemary for a thirsty bee,

A puddle for the hen with the golden egg,

An ocean to play for the whale,

Stop for cover at every doorstep,

To remember or maybe to forget.

This was the first entry in my Treasure Hunt. This alone is worthy of my notice. The other thing that stood out about this submission is that it came very quickly, a matter of hours. Well, let me say, that people complained that they had a hard time finding the words hidden around my site, but @stenisloved found the words and wrote this beautiful little poem in record time. Another thing: the visual imagery is absolutely delightful. “Dew on the rosemary for a thirsty bee,” I just love it! “An ocean to play for the whale,” beautiful. Enjoying the rain naked, what an idea! Anyway…I just love the good vibes. And the most surprising of all, something I’ve just found out a few hours ago from our conversation on IG, is that English isn’t his native language. Well done, @stenisloved! I enjoyed every word!

2. @falling4noone (Instagram)

 There once was a whale named Rosemary,

Who thought she was a chicken.

She was looking to have some fun,

So she went off to kiss a cock.

She snuck up behind an unsuspecting rooster and as he turned, she planted one on his lips!

As he screamed, he laid an egg!

“I thought you were a cock!” she bellowed.

He looked around, standing proud and tall, and exclaimed, “That I am, lest we forget this ever happened,” as he walked away!

This one, I have to admit, made me laugh, and I don’t know about you but I like people who make me laugh. There’s something incongruous about a whale being named Rosemary. And it’s full of coups de theatre! And how can a whale sneak up on anyone? And I like a cool chicken who goes looking for her own fun. And I like a chicken with a rooster attitude. Thanks, @falling4noone, for making me laugh!

3. @everlasting_jerkface (Instagram)

 “You will forget”, she whispered, planting a supple kiss on my forehead. I could feel her saliva being absorbed into my pores… through my skin, it seemed, through my skull and affecting my thoughts. I knew I didn’t want to forget… I had never seen anything so beautiful. Her sumptuous breasts, erect nipples, tiny waist swaying… like wildflowers in a soft breeze, but so rhythmic, so deliberate, I couldn’t control the sense of stimulation… I knew I was going to come. There was no denying it, no delaying it. I could feel the soft, subtle ridges of her vaginal wall as she pressed herself against me, forcing me as deep as possible inside her. She leaned over and rested her hands on each side of my head. On one wrist she wore a thin braided band of rosemary, on the other a bracelet made from tiny bones, each bearing a strange inscription strung together by a delicate leather strap. Her green eyes pierced right through me, beckoning my soul to lay itself bare to her.

Was I even awake? Was I… Sensation ripped through me… I came so forcefully, so completely… she laced her fingers into mine and forced my hands firmly over my head. I could feel everything. Every nerve ending, every exhilarating wave of pleasure emanating through me…and out of me. As she held me there, I began to feel drained—of pleasure, of emotion… it was all fleeing from me, and as she closed her eyes and tightened her grip on my hands, tightened her thighs around my body I could feel it all being absorbed into her… every bit of pleasure, every ounce of joy, the way a whale sweeps down and opens its mouth so wide that it envelops the surrounding ocean indiscriminately along with the plankton and anything else sucked into its path.

It was like she was pulling ME out with it all… as if every last gushing drop of my semen, every quiver left my body carrying a little piece of my soul, my existence and entered her, swiftly making its way to each microscopic egg hidden away within her womb, giving them life and taking mine. Just as the light in my eyes began to fade, she loosened her grasp. She dismounted me, still moist, and brought her sharply delicate face down to my lap and engulfed my still throbbing member with her mouth, and sucked… almost painful, almost divine until there was no trace of me, or her left upon me. She ran the back of her fingers down my cheek. I couldn’t move, couldn’t draw away from them, and she came close and kissed my forehead again. “You will forget.”

Empty, I drifted immediately into sleep.

This grabbed my attention right away. It’s sensuous in a way that my stories aren’t (I must make a mental note of this and strive for more sensuousness). It’s erotic. It’s dark and fantastical. Thanks, @everlasting_jerkface, for the unexpected details in this story, like the thin braided band of rosemary. Now I want one.

 4.@photosbyjr (Instagram)

 I once knew a fairy

Her name was Rosemary

I will never forget

Because she was a brunette

When she gave me a kiss

I flew into the abyss

Where I met a whale

His name was Dale

Offered me an egg

That I ate with my aunt Meg.

I’m not a great fan of poetry, especially of poetry that rhymes. The only rhyming poetry I tolerate is Jim Morrison’s and that’s because it sounds ok or you forget about the rhyming when he sings it. But I like fairies, and Rosemary actually works as a fairie’s name, and on top of that this fairy is brunette. Well, that changes things in my book. I always think fairies are blond, but I have a feeling I would love a brunette fairy. And this brunette fairy makes you fly into the abyss! That’s not actually where you would want to fly—the abyss sounds dangerous—but on second thought I wouldn’t mind meeting a whale named Dale who gives out eggs. And that last idea is so sweet: sharing your only egg with your aunt whose name happens to rhyme with egg, ha ha. I would have had it all to myself, but that’s a lesson learned: meals are best shared. I was very happy to discover that my Treasure Hunt inspired @photosbyjr to write a variety of stories (he sent me six submissions, I think) even though he doesn’t usually write. And that’s just something I can’t overlook. If I can make anyone write or read, then my work is done. So thank you, @photosbyjr!

I can’t tell you how happy this TREASURE HUNT has made me seeing all the great stories coming my way. I honestly wish I had a prize for all of you!

So, who should get the prize?

I’ll sleep on it and will announce my decision tomorrow.Hopefully, it won’t keep me awake.

See you,