The girl wants to get dirty

by | Nov 16, 2016 | Curiosities, On modeling and photography | 0 comments

On occasion, I want to be a ‘dirty girl’ and by dirty I mean literally dirty, as in actual dirt, i.e mud, or at least something that looks like dirt.


Getting dirty!

But that’s a problem for me. I’m habitually clean, not like crazy clean (maybe a little crazy) but very clean (OK, crazy), and I’m very particular about what I put on my skin. Now let me give you an example of why being crazy clean is a problem sometimes. There are brilliantly creative photos I see every day that I really love and that I’d copy in a heartbeat, photos that use paint and other such things on the body, but my issue is that I don’t want to put any paint or anything like that on my person. In short, I don’t want to put on my body anything that I wouldn’t eat. That’s, basically, the qualifying criterion.

This is not because I’ve watched Goldfinger a million times (ice-cream and TBS marathons, yay!) and I believe that I’ll smother if I paint my body. No matter what James Bond says, I know that’s not true. I’m just worried about getting a rash.

Red and itchy doesn’t say sexy to me.

So, what am I to do when I need to get dirty?

I was faced with this problem recently when I needed to take pictures for ‘The Bride of Bigfoot’. Because of the Bigfoot element, I needed to be dirty. The obvious thing to do would have been to use dirt.

You might think dirt is easy to come by. Yes, it is, if you live in a house with a yard. But if you don’t? There are the communal yards, but those aren’t the kind of places where you can dig. Of course, you can buy dirt – you can buy anything. That is what I eventually did. I bought some dirt (how ridiculous is that, buying dirt?), and you know what? Store-bought dirt isn’t really dirty. It’s kind of grainy and dry.

MMMM, mixing dirt!

So what’s  a girl supposed to do if she wants to get dirty? She puts on her thinking cap and makes her own dirt!

And you know what? The dirt of my own making was a success!

The recipe is simple: cocoa powder (100% cacao, mind you, special dark, yum) and coconut oil. Have I mentioned that I use coconut oil for everything?


That is the proper consistency for chocolate mud!

And that’s how I made my own dirt. Next I’d like to come up with an idea to make edible blue paint. Any suggestions?

See you,


PS: Oh, you can check out the dirty girl in ‘The Bride of Bigfoot’! I know you’ll love it!