The “Treasure Hunt” is officially over!

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I’m going to make this official and announce that the “Treasure Hunt” is over.

With that out of the way, let me just say…Oh no, no, no, that’s too humdrum. I need to make some noise about this. So. Imagine I’m on top of a building or maybe standing on a balcony and I’m yelling this:


Thank you, everyone, for being such great sports and making my “Treasure Hunt” a truly successful one!!! I got more entries than I’d have expected, and not only that, but all were very good, made my day, and I wish I had a prize for each and every one of the contestants.

The FIVE WORDS I picked for this literary endeavor weren’t chosen exactly at random. Here they are:


I’ve only recently found out that Shakespeare uses “rosemary” in the sense of remembrance. Ophelia says in Hamlet: “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance.” I must have heard it many times, but I find Ophelia irritating as a character, so I usually don’t pay attention to a lot of what she says. Anyway, I wanted to see if anyone would use the word in that way. No one did, however I was surprised to see that “rosemary” was used more predominantly as a name than as the herb. I personally wouldn’t have used it as a name, because I find it very old fashioned, so it makes me think of an aunt or a grandmother, not a lover. As the plant, though, that’s very appealing. Someone wrote about a woman who “wore a thin braided band of rosemary”. That’s so cool. I’d love a bracelet made of rosemary!


I was curious if “egg” would throw anyone off. No reason why it should, just wondered. I’m a daily consumer of eggs (though not for breakfast), so I guess I have egg on my mind a lot. And as I’ve discovered from the stories people sent me, so does everyone else, though predominantly for breakfast.

I find “egg” to be a funny sounding word when you say it out loud. I heard it once used as a name—“Call me Egg!”—which is so ridiculous, but I love it. Nobody used it as a name. I’ll have to remember to use it.

There were some unexpected “egg” uses that have nothing to do with breakfast:

“He looked back to his life

When the egg was soft…”


“Left me with some egg on my face.”


Because I think a lot of whales—they’re fascinating—and because sometimes we should stop and think about the whales. And I’m happy to see that I managed to make people think of the whale, even if it was in an abstract way.


OK, “forget” was picked at random. I thought I should add a verb. Some people used “to egg on”, so I didn’t actually need to add a verb, but it was a choice between “forget” or “shoe” and I went with “forget” because for some reason I kept seeing the shoe ending up in the whale’s stomach, and I didn’t want that to be the fate of the whale: ending up swallowing a shoe.


Because kisses are nice.

These were the words in my “Treasure Hunt”!

I’ve read through all the submissions, and I will post soon the four finalists.

See you,