The Winner of my Treasure Hunt!!!

by | Aug 4, 2017 | Contests, Summer contests, Treasure Hunt | 0 comments

The time has come to announce the winner of my Treasure Hunt. I kept the suspense up for too long, so this is a quiet announcement without drum rolls or anything silly like that. I don’t want the name of the winner or the story to be lost in the noise.

The winner is:

@falling4noone (Instagram)

There once was a whale named Rosemary,

Who thought she was a chicken.

She was looking to have some fun,

So she went off to kiss a cock.

She snuck up behind an unsuspecting rooster and as he turned, she planted one on his lips!

As he screamed, he laid an egg!

“I thought you were a cock!” she bellowed.

He looked around, standing proud and tall, and exclaimed, “That I am, lest we forget this ever happened,” as he walked away!

Why this story is a winner for me:

Firstly. The moment I read this I thought that next time I’m out with friends and there’s an awkward silence and no one knows what to say, I’ll say: “What do you think about a whale who thinks she’s a chicken? Have you ever met one?” Or it can work best at formal events over champagne: “Do you think a whale who thinks she’s a chicken can sneak up on a cock?” (Um…maybe “rooster” would be best mentioned here instead of “cock”, because of the word association that can trigger a stirring reaction, most unbecoming for public display.)

Secondly. When I meet new people, I like to ask silly, no, stupid things. I like to see if people have a sense of humor. (Incidentally, usually people answer: “What do you mean?” which isn’t the right answer.) Now I could ask: “Do you think a relationship between a whale who thinks she’s a chicken and a cock who’s a chicken can ever work out?” How many people are likely to understand that, let alone answer, but it’s a good question.

Thirdly. There’s something about the cock who is a chicken that is very endearing about the chicken. I can’t resist a chicken who’s so self-assured that she acts like a cock. The cock is pretty noteworthy, too, standing all proud and tall, as is the cock fashion, but the credit for that goes still to the chicken.

Fourthly. I would like to know why the whale has a problem with being a whale and the chicken with being a chicken. I’ll definitely have to ask them in an interview, if I can get them to talk about that. If it’s not too personal, that is. But since they are the winners, I’m honestly hoping they won’t object too strongly to an interview.

Congratulations, @falling4noone! Congratulations, the whale who thinks she’s a chicken and the cock who’s a chicken! Well deserved!

See you,