Too Hot For Buttons

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If you didn’t know, I write erotica – SURPRISE! – and I write a variety of erotica, everything from paranormal stories to satin delights to cryptozoological adventures to scientific investigations. A little something for everyone’s sexy story needs. But there’s one thing the stories have in common: the sex.

Obvious. It’s erotica, duh.

But sex is a many-varied thing – anyone who spends anytime on the interwebs, even by accident, knows that. Still, even in the variations of sex there are common features. People (or sometimes aliens, or Bigfoot, or bees, or even demons) doing things to and for other people, or peoples, to give pleasure, lol.


And those people must be in some state of undress to do the sex. I mean, a forceful thrust met by a layer of fabric is going to be repelled. This isn’t a medieval battering ram we’re talking about, even if I’ve called the penis that in one of my stories (OK, I haven’t, not yet). So people must get undressed, and that leads to a common trope in all erotica and other such sexy things.

The ripping off of clothes in the heat of overwhelming passion.


Ripppping off clothes is great if you have something old to rip up!

Then his big hands run up and down her sides. She leans back on her hands, and opening her long legs, she wraps them around him. He pulls her dress off, and with one swift move, he rips off her panties. – A Case of Mistaken Identity @MistyMacBooks

Everyone writes it and movies show it, clothes ripping off, and it’s done because it sounds good. Two (or more) people riding a wave of desire that’s so strong they can’t wait for buttons and zippers. They need to be naked now. But really, what are those panties, perforated? Honestly, you could jerk me around the room by a thong and I wouldn’t get naked, I’d get bruised. But the idea persists.

And of course, I’ve written it.

He shoves up my skirt and practically rips off my thong. The elastic bites into my skin, and I let out a moan… – A Trap is Sprung

Maybe there are special situations where it might be possible. Perhaps a lover with claws and animal strength could realistically manage some clothes ripping.

“Let’s get these off,” she grunted eagerly.

But Bigfoot hooked his big hands through the leg of the tiny short and pulled. The material ripped, thong and all, and her bare ass was on leaves. – The Bride of Bigfoot, coming very soon

Claws could perforate panties. But seriously, clothes don’t rip so easily, believe me, I’ve tried. Of course, buttons, that’s a different story.

I pull his hand up and over, so it slips inside my shirt. One of my buttons pops and falls to the floor. I don’t care… – A Trap Is Sprung


And even if they’re cut, clothes stretch and stretch, jeez!

Buttons pop without a problem.

But there’s another issue. Would you really want your clothes to be ripped?

“Dominic, wait, I…” she started, but her words were cut off when her skirt and shirt were ripped off her body leaving her wearing only her Lilipiache floral silk bra and panties.

“No,” she growled. “Stop. You are not tearing off my Lilipiache lingerie. Do you know how much that costs? A small fortune, so don’t you dare.” – D&D and the Whip

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want a beautiful piece of expensive lingerie to be ripped to shreds. Sex may last for hours (or days, if you’re Sting) but a Lilipiache set can last a lifetime.

So what about it, my few readers, have you ever felt so much passion that clothes were ripped off? Or is the qualifier – they ‘practically’ ripped each others clothes off – the only way it happens?

See you,