What’s so interesting about Full Moon?

by | Oct 24, 2017 | Daily conversations, Let's laugh! | 0 comments

The easiest way to find out what someone is like is to go out on a date.

MISTY’S HAIR is suddenly growing very hairy and decides to give THE FULL MOON a call.
MISTY’S HAIR: Let’s go out on a date.
FULL MOON: You picked just the right time to call. I feel romantic tonight.
MISTY’S HAIR: Great! I feel like going out.
FULL MOON: Let’s go walk on the beach. I like to see my reflection.
MISTY’S HAIR: The tides are high. I don’t want to get wet. Let’s go to a restaurant.
FULL MOON: I’m too full to eat.
MISTY’S HAIR: Let’s go dancing then.
FULL MOON: I only orbit.
MISTY’S HAIR: Orbit? Really? What makes you think you’ll get to kiss me?
FULL MOON: It usually happens. There’s no moon more romantic.
MISTY’S HAIR: Shouldn’t you put some clothes on? All your craters are showing.
FULL MOON: I don’t have to wear clothes. I’m a celestial body.
MISTY’S HAIR: Oh, great! The wolves are howling!
FULL MOON: Music to my ears.
MISTY’S HAIR: I prefer Rachmaninov.
FULL MOON: Really? Then you’ll want to date BLUE MOON. He likes Moonlight Sonata.
MISTY’S HAIR: And he won’t be too full to take me out to dinner.
FULL MOON: But he’ll be too sad to eat. Come on, baby, show me those moon eyes.
MISTY’S HAIR: You’re too full of yourself tonight so I guess you didn’t notice I’m the hair. It’s the face you want to ask that. Clearly I’m out on the wrong moon. Good night!

That was a very lunar conversation.

See you,