Hi, I’m Misty Macallister, and since you’re here I might as well waste your time and bore you with some personal facts. Skip this if you have something cooking.

  • I’m a self-published writer and I write sexy stories, and suspenseful stories, and sci-fi stories, and mystery stories, and every other kind of story you can think of.
  • I do all my own editing, so if there’s a comma missing blame me.
  • I also design my book covers and I model for the covers.
  • Oh, and I run my own bookstore.

Boy, I’m busy!!!
But enough about nothing. Let’s get to the questions I’ve been getting because this is what people actually want to know about me. I tried to make this a little more worth your time.

Q&A with Misty Macallister!
Do you really write the stories?
Are you the model on the covers of your books? Who designs your book covers? Who does your editing?
The answers in order, from the top:

  • Really (I love a question that answers itself).
  • Yes, I am the model on the covers of my books, except on ‘A Touch of Evil’ (that cover had to have a man and I’m not nearly as goodlooking as a man; handsome, maybe, but that’s not good enough).
  • That would be me. I design all my book covers, and I’m proud of them, so go check them out and tell me your favorite.
  • That would also be me, which is why I used bullets for the answers because I didn’t want to struggle with a colon.

Of course, I have some help – do we ever really do anything alone? – but by and large MistyMacBooks is a Misty Macallister (that’s me, me, me!!!) Production where I’m the writer, producer, animator, director and everything else you can think of, except makeup artist because that’s not needed. It’s all about me, and that’s not always a bad thing.

If I wasn’t Misty, this is the question I would ask Misty: “How do you find the time, Misty?”

Well, if you really want to know,  I multi-task!

Are you a professional model and/or a professional photographer?
No and no. I bought my Nikon D7000 for Christmas in 2014 and it took me half a year to figure out how to focus, so feel free to draw your own coclusions. As for the modeling part, if you look at my earlier stories you’ll see in the photos (you know my stories come with photos, right?) that my hands are kind of purple and my neck is very cordy because I used to sit still in a pose and hold my breath till I made myself dizzy. Now my hands don’t get purple, so I guess I’ve learned a thing or two. Technically speaking, someone is a professional this and a professional that when they get paid for it, and since I pay myself, I’m not technically a professional model or photographer. But I treat my modeling, photography and writing as if it were a profession, so I guess that makes me a professional.
Can I shoot you?
Sorry, guys, but this question is made for this answer: I only shoot myself, ha ha. Yes, yes, of course, this is a serious question, I know, but let me collect myself after this bad joke. I stopped saying that, by the way, because it makes me sound suicidal which is way out of character.

The answer is no. I’m not a model, I’m a writer (or at least, that’s what I want to be; hopefully, I’m not turning out to be a better model than writer, am I?). I would be a horrible model. I would yell and stomp my feet. I wouldn’t stand the right way. I’d want to see every shot as it’s shot. This is the neurotic behavior of a writer not a model, wouldn’t you agree? So no, you can’t shoot me, but it makes me feel very good that you’d want to.

Are you the girl on Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter?

I am the girl on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter if her name is Misty Macallister and looks like me and walks like me (don’t try to be like me). Oh, and Facebook (sorry, Facebook, I totally forgot about you). I also am the girl who grams at least twice a day, tumbles a lot sometimes, and barely tweets, and forgot her log in password on Facebook (oh, bother!)
Why don’t you show your face?
The photos will make that clear.





Why do you write erotica?
Why not? There’s nothing wrong with writing about people having sex. Unless you’re a prude who doesn’t like sex, and that’s really sad because sex is really nice when done right, just like writing done right is nice to read.
Do you write from experience?

If you write from personal experience it’s not called fiction, it’s called memoir. I write fiction, though there is a scene in one of my stories that’s written from experience. And wow, what an experience it was! Ahem… So where was I? Oh, read my stories. And encourage your loved ones to have sex because sex is very beneficial in so many ways. If you don’t believe me, ask your doctor, but make sure it’s a doctor who knows what he/she/they is talking about.

Other questions I get:
Are you married? Do you work out? Do you want to meet? Are you afraid of the dark? Have you ever been tied up? Can you undo knots? Do you want to be tied up?
Yes, very! Yes, a lot! Um, probably not! Not really… Um, well, maybe. Why? Now I’m locking my door and propping a chair under the doorknob for good measure.

These are not questions that should come one after the other and all in caps, by the way. But if you have a question, feel free to ask me. If it doesn’t make me want to bar my door and windows, I’ll try to answer it.