Are you certain?

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The second story of March is out! “ARE YOU CERTAIN?” isn’t a story of doubts but rather a story of doing things for the first time. And when you’re doing something for the first time, it’s always best to ask yourself if you’re certain.

“ARE YOU CERTAIN?” is the sequel to “WHAT’S YOUR SECRET?”. They are both part of a series that I’ve started at the beginning of the year called CLEO AND TONY’S JOURNAL. Cleo and Tony have been married a long time and they love each other deeply, and they want to take their sex life to a different level: the level where you do things that you’ve only fantasied about. The first story in this series had such an amazing response – I was overwhelmed by how many people have emailed me to say how happy they were that I’ve decided to write about cross-dressing. So I look forward to continuing this cross-dressing series, as soon as I come up with more ideas of what Cleo and Tony should be up to next.

 Here’s the blurb:


“Are You Certain?” is a cross-dressing adventure. It is the second story in CLEO AND TONY’S JOURNAL.

After Cleo caught Tony in lingerie, their relationship only got stronger, but now Tony wants Cleo to have sex with another man while he watches. Will it be too far for Cleo to go?

Then she turned her attention back to the man. She studied him.
What kind of lover would he be? she wondered.
Would he be gentle?
Would he be rough?
Could she seduce him?
“How did you choose him?” Cleo asked.
“Don’t you like him?” Tony said.
“He’s good looking,” Cleo said. “I was just wondering how you go about choosing the man who will fuck your wife.”

WARNING: ‘Are You Certain?’ contains explicit material and is not intended for minors.

Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:

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