A Case of Mistaken Identity

Eva is sitting in her usual chair at the library, when an incredibly sexy man comes and sits in the chair next to her.

“You dropped this,” he says, handing her a pair of satin panties.

And before she can say he’s mistaken, he walks away. Eva is stunned, and secretly turned on.

Then a young woman comes and sits in the same chair.

“I think you have something that was meant for me,” the woman says.
She takes the panties from Eva and asks her: “Do you want to watch?”

And Eva can only nod.

What Eva sees next makes her so horny that she’ll have to find relief, whether she’s in a public library or not.

Warning‘A Case of Mistaken Identity’ is intended for a mature audience, and all the participants in the story are of age. The story contains strong sexual content, including public masturbation, voyeurism, sex in a public library, and plenty of slurping. Reading this story might make you have to ‘shelf your book’, if you know what I mean, but you will not need a library card to check it out.

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