Bad Girl Good Cops

When nubile Chloe is caught shoplifting thongs because of a harsh society that dictates that she must cover her hot little body, she suddenly finds herself in positions she never imagined she’d be in, i.e. sandwiched between two virile police officers, who are bound to teach her right from wrong using the tools nature endowed them with.

Crime and punishment has never been so throbbingly stiff, or gone on for so long and so hard.

Chloe discovers that when you do the crime, you must be done in every way possible.

WARNING: ‘Bad Girl, Good Cops’ is intended for a mature audience and in no way should be seen as approving of shoplifting. If you desperately need a thong, please, please, buy the thong. But this story should be seen as approving of consenting adults pleasuring each other in as many ways as possible, again, and again, and again.


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