D&D and the Cursed Beach

“D&D AND THE CURSED BEACH” is a paranormal, pansexual adventure.

Delia and Delilah, the owners of D&D Consulting – Your Supernatural Solution – have just closed a grueling case, and now it’s time to go to the beach, but life’s never a beach for De and Del.

When all you want is a little fun in the sun, news of a curse isn’t welcome. But that’s what Delilah gets, and it comes at the worst possible time. When she’s alone. Delia has run off in a huff – searching for some one-on-one relaxation of the horizontal variety. But it’s ok. Delilah can handle things by herself, and she’ll have to, because there’s certainly a lot to handle.

Warning: ‘D&D and The Cursed Beach‘ contains explicit material and is not intended for minors.


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