D&D and The Whip

Meet Delia and Delilah, the owners of D&D Consulting, the place to go when you have nowhere else to turn. Got a problem that the police can’t handle? Go to D&D, and Delia and Delilah will take care of it.

Delia and Delilah’s cases always begin with a little kiss, and usually end with something slightly more spectral, because Delia and Delilah are witches who handle the supernatural.

Ellen Card has found the bargain of the century: a Victorian mansion in the heart of the best part of town being sold for dirt cheap. But the house has a problem. It’s haunted, and if you go inside, you will invariably come out without your clothes on.

That’s where Delia and Delilah come in.

But the ghost isn’t just anyone. He’s an infamous character called ‘The Whip’, a man who was murdered by being shot, stabbed, run over by a carriage, burned and drowned.

Will ‘The Whip’ be more than they can handle?

Warning: ‘D&D and The Whip’ is intended for a mature audience and contains explicit content which some readers might find objectionable. So if you have a problem with wonderful women exploring their bodies in a slippery, sexual way, or if you think ectoplasmic relations with ghosts who like to give spankings is somehow wrong, read something else. But if you’re not a stick in the mud, then this story is for you.

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