Elevator to the Top

Billionaire Mitch Sterling is used to getting what he wants, and he wants Jan Johnson. He only wants a little tug and tickle in the boardroom, where’s the harm in that? But Jan says no, so Mitch Sterling fires her.

And that’s the end for Jan. Her career is over. Everything she worked for is flushed away, and when the elevator breaks on her way out of the office, it’s the perfect metaphor for how her life is going.

But Jan isn’t alone in the elevator. She’s stuck in the tight space with two male specimens, and one of them has a real problem with being confined. Thinking fast, Jan does the only thing she can think of to calm him down.

Warning: ‘Elevator To The Top’ is intended for a mature audience who won’t be disturbed that ‘going down’ doesn’t have anything to do with going from floor to floor, and having things stuck in tight spaces doesn’t mean being trapped in an elevator.

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