Erotic Bundle Vol. 2: SATIN SOFT

Erotic bundle Vol. 2: “Satin Soft” includes a collection of 10 satin-inspired stories for anyone who likes the smooth feel of satin. Plus, over 100 photos.

You also get a $50 coupon from Katie and Laura’s Fancy Satin Panty Store with your purchase of Erotic bundle Vol. 2: “Satin Soft”.

The stories included in the bundle are:

1. Who’s My Sugar Daddy?
2. The Sweet Scent of Satin
3. The Devil Wears Pink
4. Splendor In White Satin
5. The Interview
6. The Bottom Line
7. Riding the Unicorn
8. Pretty Young Thing In Pretty Purple Satin
9. My Mentor
10. I Spy…Satin


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