Erotic Bundle Vol. 3: HOT ENCOUNTERS

Erotic bundle Vol. 3: “Hot Encounters” includes a collection of 10 stories of casual encounters at the beach, in the elevator, at the library, in the parking lot, or on the tennis court. Plus, over 100 photos.

You also get a $50 coupon from Katie and Laura’s Fancy Satin Panty Store with your purchase of Erotic bundle Vol. 3: “Hot Encounters”.

The stories included in the bundle are:

1. A Case of Mistaken Identity
2. Sea foam Lovers
3. A Trap is Sprung
4. Bad Girl Good Cops
5. The Woman In The Window
6. The Survey
7. Not Yeti
8. Garden Of Delights
9. Elevator to the top
10. 40 Love


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