Love at First Suck

Life isn’t sunny for Vampina, Dracula’s dhamphir daughter. Her dad has kicked her out of their mansion without so much as a spare pair of panties. She’s so hard up that she has to sleep in the basement of the local blood bank. All because she didn’t kill her father’s ancient enemy, Van Helsing.

So what’s a half-vampire hottie supposed to do without familiars or credit cards?

Go out, obviously.

Vampina spends a hot night with Lucy, a yummy little bite, but before things can get even hotter, their fun is interrupted by vampire hunters. Go figure! Vampina isn’t in the mood to fight, so she runs away, but there is one hunter who isn’t so easy to elude. And when he catches up with her, sparks fly and the stake gets driven home, but it’s not a wooden stake.

Warning: ‘Love At First Suck’ contains scenes of an explicit sexual nature and biting. If you have a fear of blood or sucking, this might not be the story for you, but if you like sucking, then be sure to read ‘Love At First Suck’. And make sure you’re in private when you do!

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