Menage a Quatre

Anna Carlisle needs more than what her husband, Vic, has to offer. She’s frustrated, and she begins to fantasize about Rick, the yard guy, and his hard eighteen-year-old body. But fantasies can only get her so far, and moaning Rick instead of Vic when she’s getting…um…is going to get Anna in all kinds of trouble.

Then her forbidden fantasy comes true. Rick brings along two of his hard-bodied friends, and the fantasy for two gets downright dirty with four.

WARNING: ‘Ménage à Quatre’ is intended for a mature audience. Despite the title, no knowledge of French is necessary to read the story, and all you need to enjoy it is a serious understanding of the international language of LOVE, or perhaps more appropriately, its colloquial cousin, GANG BANGING, as the story contains multiple partners, some light slapping, gagging, and general slurping.

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