Roses Are Red

Polished, professional, and fully-feathered, Clara Stone is eager to take her place right alongside her beautifully-bobbed mentor, Laura Flint. But she’ll find out how ready she really is when Red Petrovich, the notorious crime boss, comes knocking. A rare and valuable item has been stolen from Red’s bizarre collection, and he wants ‘Flint Investigations’ to get it back, or else. But that proves easier said than done, because the item disappeared into thin air from a secure location in an inaccessible hill country estate, and the tiny list of suspects reads like the who’s who of the rich and famous.

Can Clara Stone pull a rabbit out of the hat and produce the missing item, or will Laura Flint swoop in to save the day?

“ROSES ARE RED” is a short story in the ‘Flint and Stone Mysteries’ that is part of THE DARKVERSE.

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