Splendor in White Satin

‘Splendor In White Satin’ is a satin delight story.

Louis jumps at the chance to take care of Mo and Gigi’s little dog, Sandy, when Mo’s out of town and Gigi’s having a night out with the girls, but it’s not dog walking that’s on his mind. Louis has been secretly lusting after Gigi and the satin panties that cover her sweet little bum, and the opportunity for a little ‘alone time’ with Gigi’s dirty laundry is too good to pass up.

But when Louis is on his knees in masturbatory genuflection, satin panties in hand, he gets the surprise of his life. Gigi has been hiding, just waiting to catch him.

“OH, NO!”

And that’s when the satin soiree really starts.

Warning: ‘Splendor In White Satin’ is intended for a mature audience, and is not an endorsement of anyone sneaking into their neighbor’s house to use their dirty panties as objects of self-gratification. That’s not right. You should buy your own panties and peak through the window at your neighbor when you, well, you know…

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