The Proposal

Kenneth and Gwen Moore are a young married couple who have escaped from the small town where they both grew up and made it to the big city. Ken has a great job at an important firm. Their lives are perfect and their future is bright.

But perhaps everything isn’t as perfect as Gwen believes. Ken’s position at the firm is in trouble, and if, when, his career collapses, they’ll find themselves back in their small town, failures.

Then Gwen meets billionaire Parker King, the CEO of Ken’s firm. Parker King isn’t just rich and powerful, he’s also the most attractive and intense man Gwen has ever met, and he has a way to make all of Gwen’s problems go away.

Find out what Gwen will do when she’s faced with ‘The Proposal’.

‘THE PROPOSAL’ is Book 1 of BACKROOM DEAL, a serialized novel.

BACKROOM DEAL is “Fifty Shade of Grey” meets “An Indecent Proposal”.

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